Join Us – 12th Asian Club Managers’ Conference, Singapore, 26-28 Aug 2018

Dear Members and Prospective Conference Attendees,

I’d like to personally encourage each of you to join us at the 12th Asian Club Managers’ Conference, Singapore on 26 – 28 August 2018. This year’s conference theme of 10x Your Club in the Age of Disruption will surely be engaging and relevant to the issues we face as club managers today.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.17.48 PM

View the 12th Asian Club Managers’ Conference Programme here!

To keep up with today’s rapidly changing times, we need to be innovative in our approach to memberships, F&B and club programs incorporating developments in areas like technology and sustainability. Part of the innovative thinking is how to engage other demographics like the Millennial and incorporating all genders. In line with the conference theme, we have incredible keynote speakers like Rudy Anderson, Steven Thielke and Larry Ross. Combining their successes in spearheading their respective clubs, these speakers will surely be great additions to our exciting conference program line up.

There will also be many opportunities for networking throughout the conference. You will be in the midst of many great colleagues from all around the world. Our social programs are set up in a way so that the delegates will have plenty of time to connect and converse. Set up in the city of possibilities, our programs will surely be engaging, educational and memorable. Be on the lookout for further details as we continuously update our event’s website.

Click here to register!



Dinesh Singh
2018 Conference Chair

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