Two Local Courses for SPH Golf

From May 1, the newly-renovated Warren Golf and Country Club will join Sembawang Country Club in offering an ‘industry best’ rate for SPH Golf Card members at $82, excluding GST, and for weekday golfing.

The latter is also allowing SPH Golf Club members limited access on Saturday afternoons at $112, less GST.

This privilege is unique to Singapore’s latest and fastest growing non-estate golf club owned and managed by regional media powerhouse, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.

With close to 1,000 members currently, SPH Golf Club aims to grow the game of golf by working with golfing facilities to make it more accessible and thereby increasing the pool of golfing enthusiasts in the long term.

The breakthrough by these two traditionally private golf clubs is seen as a boon to reinvigorate the enjoyment of the game and is welcomed by SPH Golf member Winfred Tan.

He said, “There is now even more reason for people to join SPH Golf Card,” pausing to add, “actually two more.”

SPH Golf Card has now also launched its online booking system for members and the public to book teetimes at various golf clubs in Singapore and around the region.

Members get a preferred rate when booking through

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