Singapore: With rise in drowning cases, preventive measures are vital

It would pay to heed Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s exhortation to children to learn water safety and water survival skills (More must be done to give children open-water skills: DPM; May 10).

The significant increase in near-drowning or drowning cases necessitates the concerted effort of all stakeholders to view the issue in perspective and to come up with initiatives to prevent such untoward incidents.

The National Water Safety Council together with the Singapore Sports Council, country clubs and schools would do well to review their water safety programmes, especially in the area of drowning prevention.

It is also the responsibility of parents to keep watch on their young who are engaged in any form of water sports activities, and ensure compliance with safety procedures.

While it is saddening that a 12-year-old schoolboy had met with a tragic incident at sea, it is heartening to learn that three other boys were saved by an Australian woman.

Housewife Silvia Hajas should be commended for her selflessness and courage in her life-saving endeavours despite unfavourable weather conditions. She is truly a modest heroine.



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