Careers: The Kowloon Cricket Club is seeking qualified candidates for the position of General Manager

Established in 1904, the Kowloon Cricket Club (KCC) is a private members’ club with approximately 2,000 memberships and is one of the leading sporting clubs in Hong Kong. We promote participation in cricket and a wide variety of other sports (field hockey, football (soccer), squash, tennis, lawn bowls, badminton, table-tennis, golf, snooker), as well as encouraging social activities.  We have a beautiful green environment in the heart of urban Kowloon.

The KCC also opens its facilities to outside bodies such as schools and voluntary organizations, and we have a particular emphasis on training and nurturing young athletes.  We have an active social calendar and our food and beverage outlets are extremely well used as we provide top class Western, Chinese and Indian cuisine, as well as running regular food festivals showcasing other types of food, from Mexican to Thai.  

The club hosts several international level events each year, which receive good coverage in the news media and which also raise the global profile of the KCC. We have reciprocal arrangements with many of the world’s leading sport and recreation clubs, and we often welcome members and member sports teams from these clubs to the KCC.

KCC is currently actively recruiting for 1 management position:

(Updated: 10 Aug 2017)



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