Down to 4 Cs: Why Country Clubs are Falling Out of the Picture

Country clubs are going the way of Chia pets. They’re awesome for a while; then we realize they’re pricey, need too much maintenance, and (after a few years) become as exciting as a Wheel of Fortune re-run. In this article, I examine why interest in country clubs is dimming. And the things you’d better know before joining:

What is a Country Club?

Maybe lifestyle club would be a better term; the closest we come to “country” around here is a pirated Deliverance DVD.

The idea’s that you pay a membership fee to the club, in exchange for using their premises. You get access to the club’s jackpot rooms (they have a license), restraunts, lifestyle activities, etc. And because the number of members is limited, there will theoretically be resale value in your membership.

Some clubs are built for specific sports or groups (e.g. swimming clubs, the American Club). Most of these are still open to all, but you may find fee differences, or differences in membership types.

There are around 21 clubs in Singapore. Some are low cost and highly accessible to the public (e.g. SAFRA), but most are exclusive.


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