CMAS Dinner Talk 6 Nov – Managing Risks of Personal Data

Data, including personal data, is an engine of growth in today’s digital economy, bringing forth wide-ranging benefits and opportunities for organisations. A robust personal data protection regime is an important foundation for the data ecosystem to thrive, and organisations have a shared responsibility in building up the trust quotient for it to be sustainable. 

Personal data breaches can exact a high toll on organisations. In the immediate term, it will cost the organisation time and resources to manage the data breach, unhappy customers and perform service recovery. In the medium to long term, corporate reputation can be adversely affected, impacting on revenue and business sustainability.

Join us to find out more about the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and the updates such as the NRIC Advisory Guidelines, key learning points from enforcement cases, and how the Data Protection Trustmark can help organisations demonstrate accountability towards data management and protection.

This will be followed by networking and a scrumptious Thanksgiving Dinner.

Due to limited capacity, kindly register via the form below now!

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