CMAS Lunch & Presentation with Guest Speaker, John Sullivan, 7 Mar 2019

Here’s a sneak peek of what happened that afternoon!

Industry Trends & Best Practices of Private Clubs 

  1. Trends in Clubs around the United States
  2. Review of Board Dynamics and Model of Club Best Practices

Here were the main takeaways by our 30 members & their guests

  1. In order to maintain relevancy, clubs must evolve and change. Traditions are important, but evolving is just as necessary.
  2. Service to members should be fast, casual, informal & convenient.
  3. The purpose of a plan is not to produce a plan, but to produce results.
  4. A full-time employee should assume the role of membership marketing who will be held accountable for all relevant responsibilities. Only 43% of all clubs have someone truly dedicated & focused on this key role, and not just administrating the paper work.
  5. 71% of clubs are using public social media platforms with Facebook, Instagram & Twitter being the most popular.
  6. Golf clubs need to focus on non-golf amenities to engage all members of the family.
  7. When best practices are put in place by both the Executive team and the volunteer leaders of a club, this will result in getting governance & organisational health right.
  8. Top down structure of an Organisational Health Pyramid should be: Results, Accountability, Commitment, Conflict and Trust.

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