21st CMAS Annual General Meeting – President’s Report

The Club Managers’ Association (Singapore) held its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) at The National University of Singapore Society on 7 Apr 2017.

A Summary of 2016

To kick off the meeting, Mr Peter Goh, the Association’s President for the term 2015-2017, gave an overview of 2016’s activities. Mr Goh shared that the main highlight for the year was the Asian Club Manager’s Conference held at Orchid Country Club, which welcomed delegates from both the Southeast Asian and Asia-Pacific regions. It was noted that a total of 160 delegates attended the Conference.

On behalf of the Association, Mr Goh extended his appreciation to the CMAS Conference Organising Committee (“CCOC”), led by the incoming President for 2017-2019, Mr Mark James and his team comprised of Mr Dinesh Singh, Mr Ronald Teo and Ms Joan Ho, who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running and success of the conference.

Mr Goh also expressed thanks to venue partners, The Japanese Association and The National University of Singapore Society for providing the Association with meeting and event spaces for hosting its gatherings and running its educational programmes such as the Members’ Lo Hei Dinner and Party in celebration of the Lunar New Year and a training session on mobile club management software.

New Executive Committee 2017-2019

In accordance with the Association’s Constitution, the following members were elected to form the new Executive Committee for the term 2017-2019:

 Executive Committee 2017-2019
 President  Mark James
Vice President  Dinesh Singh
Honorary Secretary  James W K Tan
Honorary Treasurer  Matthew Murray
Member (Immediate Past President)  Peter Goh
Member  Roy Higgs
Member  Jeffrey Leong
Member  James Wee
Member  Ronald Teo
Honorary Auditors 2017-2018
Adrian Quek
Tan Chong Boon
 Nam Yik, Chartwell Secretariat Services

New Secretariat Support Services

In closing, the President provided an update on a change in the Association’s support staff, which has since the inception of the CMAS in 1997, been helmed by Ms Jennifer Ong. On behalf of the Association, Mr Goh thanked Ms Ong for her profound dedication throughout the years and wished her all the best in her career. Mr Goh added that Ms Ong will continue to remain a close friend of the CMAS.

Moving forward, the CMAS has engaged Chartwell Management Services to fill the Association’s secretariat and finance roles, which will be led and coordinated by Mr Nam Yik. The Association welcomes Mr Nam and urges its members to lend him their full support.

The full Presidents Report can be viewed here.

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