Singapore’s newest clubs not for your grandfather

Two emerging clubs want to focus on co-working and fostering thought-provoking ideas.

It is often said that great minds think alike, but for the founder of Club 1880, Singapore’s newest elite club, it is in their differences where the real magic happens. Marc Nicholson along with other partners established Club 1880 as a place where he hopes members will interact and engage in conversations that will impact society in a positive way. “Setting it apart is its unique formula of combining a social club and co-working space. It attempts to blur the line between work and life by seamlessly integrating the two concepts within its premises.”

For Nicholson, Club 1880 is more than just your typical members’ club or hobby group. His team focuses on curating a diverse community of members that are creative and passionate, and not necessarily in agreement in their worldview. “I have lived in Asia for 14 years and met many fascinating people purely by chance. Unfortunately, I have never found a conducive environment for them to gather, which was one of the reasons behind my creating 1880,” he said, adding that he had grown up in a household where his parents organised salons where one’s opinions and beliefs were challenged.

Hoping to recreate this experience in Singapore, the founder said Club 1880’s membership is by-invitation-only and those who hope to join will need to exhibit a handful of character traits such as curiosity, integrity, creativity, individuality and authenticity. After passing the selection process, members receive access to a selection of exclusive privileges in a curated list of hotels, restaurants, spas, members’ clubs, luxury products and services worldwide.

Members will also be able to pick their preferred activities from an events calendar packed with intellectual salons, DJ-led parties, wellness talks and cocktail workshops, amongst others. Nicholson recounted past events such as an auction of 1880’s most interesting personalities, a salon on North Korea featuring people who have visited the country sharing their experiences. “I am interested in providing access to great minds to invoke stimulating discourse and positive change.” said Nicholson.

Club for social change
Straits Clan has a different approach. Based on the clan associations in Singapore’s early history, the club aims to provide “sheltered environments” for friendship and positive change.

The club is a hospitality project managed by the Lo & Behold Group that could be a platform for progressives to gather and find inspiration. Co-founder and managing director Wee Teng Wen said, “There are many talented individuals with bright ideas operating in silos with little cross-industry pollination or dialogue.”

Club visitors will be able to access events, exclusive access to renowned festivals and conferences about food, art, fashion, music, commerce, tech, and social change. Moreover, Straits Clan has a monthly roster of “thought-provoking” content and events that will encourage members to participate in. The club will host talks, workshops, clinics, wine and whiskey tasting, live music performances, and other services that will cater to a diverse range of interests.

Facilities include three food and beverage spaces and entertainment and wellness areas.

Source: Singapore Business Review

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