Singapore’s top restaurateurs predict 2018’s food and dining trends

We will also be opening new hospitality venture and member's club – Straits Clan on Bukit Pasoh Road. The club is aimed at bringing together a diverse community of the city's most passionate and progressive individuals and provide them with inspiring international content. The clubhouse will also be a space where members can feel comfortable to be themselves and enjoy four floors of world-class hospitality and wellness concepts inspired by the city’s culture.

ABCs to Setting Up Green Roofs and Green Walls

Green roofs and green walls can be great additions to existing building spaces. It can be a focal point as well as a space for building occupants to experience nature within the building premises. This one-day workshop will allow participants to have an overview of the types of green roofs and green walls, teach participants the set up and maintenance issues, and introduce participants to the various initiatives provided by NParks for building owners.

Developing Goals and Activities in Horticultural Therapy Programming

The Certified Practising Horticulturalist (CPH) Programme is a professional recognition programme for practising horticulturists who wish to seek accreditation of the their professional status. The CPH programme is offered by CUGE, the National Parks Board and is accredited by the Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH).